Back scraper match with tractor

Back scraper match with tractor

Our company manufacture and export Backhoe, Rear backhoe, Rear digger attachment match with tractor:


Back hoe specifications:

(1) Model: LW-6 backhoe

Max. Digging Depth (mm): 1850
Max. Digging Radius (mm): 2800

Max. Digging Height (mm): 2500

Loading Height (mm): 1400

Swing Arc (deg.): 160

Bucket Rotation (deg.): 160

Connect Height (mm): 410

Connect Width (mm): 399

Valve Standard Pressure: 16Mpa.

Load Capacity (m3): 0.036

Structural Weight (kg): 620

Shipping Dimensions (mm): 2200*760*1600

Bucket Width (mm): 300

Power Required (hp): 15-25

Max. Digging Length (mm): 1410

Packing Method: Iron Crate


Product Origin: China
Model Number: WF
Brand Name: WF

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